Sunday, September 25, 2005

the pleasures all mine, dear

and my head just aches when i think about the things i shouldn't have done
but life is for living, and i don't wanna live it alone

don't build your world around,
volcanoes melt you down

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Kissing the War Goodbye

i love this picture

Thursday, September 22, 2005

what a day

lets just say i basically only went to 1st period and lunch.... and i feel exhausted basically in every which way possible. i had the strongest feeling today of "getting away from it all" and just being anywhere else in the world than where i was right then. it's a bit stormy right now.

now i fear that i may taste these tears rolling down my face and realize something is wrong
with the light of the sun in the color of the sky with you and everyone
~~phantom planet~~

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


today since the rest of the school had those i-steps, the juniors and seniors didn't have to come to school till 11:30. that was awesome. i hated taking i-steps, and finally i feel like i got somethin outta them....getting to sleep in! sleep is quite sacred to me. anyway... i also got to go to lunch (you could call it my breakfast if you want) with my 2 favorite girls!!! i always have a good time with both of them, and today was no exception... we need to do stuff like that more often. then me and rockl proceeded to go to "old faithful" and survive through 5th-8th period. yep and went to the volleyball games with nick and betsy...then came home and watched JD become a rockstar lol. tomorrows already wednesday.... this week has gone by fast, maybe its cuz i had such a good weekend?

gimme one 'cause one is best
in confusion, confidence
give me peace of mind and trust
don't forget the rest of us
give me strength, reserve control
give me heart and give me soul
wounds that heal and cracks that fix
show me your own politik

but give me love over this...